Rapid Development of terracotta panels curtain wall

Rapid Development of terracotta panels curtain wallWith the rapid development of the curtain wall industry, the selection of domestic and curtain wall panel from the previous single pursuit of modernization, the momentum of high-tech art  gradully turned to the pursuit of the humanities, natural environmental protection, energy saving and noise reduction to the people-oriented trend.

Terracotta Panel is a kind of pure clay natural materials, does not pollute the air, and through fine processing, extrusion equipment, drying, high temperature kiln forming processes have considerable strength, hardness and surface finish panel.

Stable terracotta panels curtain wall technology performance, strong impact resistance, high temperature, strong anti-frost capability, it can also reduce light pollution. Terracotta Panel also has a unique traditional art, gorgeous bright colors, real textures and filled with vibrant vitality, it cleverly and pefectly combine traditionla materials and modern architecture, create a new image of the cltiy building curtain wall panel iteal selection and provide designes a new twist on an ancient building materials. And it has been the undustry architects, developers, designers, material suppliers and other companies and walls of various sectors of interest and favor. In recent years, due to the rapid development of the terracotta clay panel, the development at domestic and abroard is become rapidly.

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