terracotta tile

Terracotta Tile

Terracotta Tile is full body so the face color depends on the raw-materials, everyone of terracotta tile tends to be unmatched and special in color and shade. It also can be glazed to make it impervious to stains, sealed to protect it from damage, or left untreated in its natural state. The terra cotta tiles has a rough, rustic feel to it that is both subdued and rugged for a while. This can be increased, or decreased, by purchasing handmade or machine cut pieces.

It is also known as split brick tile, that the water-containing wet clay be extruded from vacuum screw extruder equipped with a hollow mold.


Customized colors, size, surface is acceptable.

LOPO Terracotta Company is a professional terracotta tile products manufacturer and supplier in China. We have three factories and multiple production lines with more than 20 years of terracotta industry experience.


Length: Min 100mm, Max 600mm
Width: Min 30mm, Max 300mm
Thickness: Min 11mm, Max 70mm
Soild & Hollow Body available

Regular Sizes
Main Tile / Corner Tile / Windows Ledge Tile
sizes of terracotta tile

Surface and Texture

Linear Surface of Terracotta Tile


Wooden Surface of Terracotta Tile


Coarse Brushed Surface of Clay Tile

Coarse Brushed

Fine Brushed Surface of Terracotta Tile

Fine Brushed

Restored Surface of Clay Tile


Split Rock Surface of Wall Tile

Split Rock

Plane Surface of Wall Tile


Special Surface of Terracotta Tile



Colors of Terracotta Tile

Colors of Terracotta Tile


projects of terracotta tiles

Eco Friendly
Terracotta tile use various clay as the main raw material, clay has been weathered for thousands of years, the structure is stable and does not contain radioactive material, no chemical pigments and harmful substances are added to the production process, no harm can be caused to the human body.
Ambient air humidity “regulator”
Terracotta tile with certain water absorption, when it rains, will absorb some water automatically stored in the tile body, when it’s summer, dry air, will automatically emit the water slowly, it’s good adjust air humidity, to wander outside terracotta tiles building, there is wind blowing straight cool feeling.
Low-carbon products
Terracotta tiles does not contain metallic substance, do not produce electrostatic, not easy to absorb dust, have self-cleaning function. Good insulation protects buildings from the sun and ultraviolet radiation.
Never fade
LOPO terracotta tiles’ raw material is similar to the brick built in the China Great Wall. The  extrusion molding and firing process superior than the original, indicate terrcotta tile exterior wall building looks new even in thousands of years.


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