Terracotta Rainscreen Background.

Terracotta Louver

Terracotta Baguette

Terracotta baguette is a widely used building decorative material. According to its shapes, there are terracotta tubes and terracotta louvers. The terracotta baguette can be single use as sunshade, and combine with other curtain wall materials to create different effect.
The apply place of terracotta baguette screen can be used not only in exterior wall of shopping mall, hotel, airport, school, office building, hospital and residential quarter. But also in the interior walls, such as office lobby, subway, train station, airport, theater, etc.



Customized colors, size, surface is acceptable.

LOPO Terracotta Company is a professional TERRACOTTA BAGUETTE products manufacturer and supplier in China. We have three factories and multiple production lines with more than 20 years of terracotta industry experience.


Length: Min 100mm, Max 1800mm
Width: Min 50mm, Max 600mm
Height: Min 30mm, Max 70mm


Terracotta Baguette Louvers

Tags: Ceramic Sunshade Baguettes, Sun Shade Louvers, Terracotta Vertical Fins


Unglazedcolors of terracotta facade panels
GlazedGlazed Surface of Glazed Terracotta Tile Cladding


Terracotta Baguette Louvers

Terracotta Baguette Louvers

Terracotta railings are another use of terracotta baguettes.
Terracotta Railing Clay Balustrade Terra Cotta Parapet


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    How are the terracotta baguette produced?

    Terracotta baguettes screen are made of natural clay, mixed with an appropriate amount of water. Then extruded via the high-pressure vacuum extrusion machine to make the the terracotta baguette paste. After dry in low temperature kiln and fired in high temperature firing kiln, the terracotta baguettes are almost done. The subsequent process including cutting, quality checking packing and storage etc. The raw materials are almost from the nearby hilly regions, and some special pigment is imported from abroad.

    Tags: Terracotta Stick, Terra cotta Cube, Linear Terra cotta Sunscreen