LOPO Terracotta Corporation

about LOPO


Company Philosophy

Terracotta Expert, Specialized in Terracotta Manufacturing

Company Vision

To be the most famous Terracotta building material manufacturer

Company Profile

LOPO Terracotta Corporation was established in the year of 2002 in the southeast of China, which is mainly manufacturing Terracotta Panels, Terracotta Louvers/ Baguettes, Terracotta Wall Tiles, Terracotta Paving Brick, heteromorphosis terracotta products and artificial culture stone etc.

LOPO has three branch factories with a total covering area of 430’000m2. There are more than 600 employees. Annual output value is more than US$50million (export value accounts for 20%)
LOPO isfocusing on terracotta building materials’ development, research and innovation and has developed a series of extraordinary products, such as the handmade terracotta brick, metallic reduction tile, sand surface terracotta panels and the Multifunctional floor heating panels, etc.

LOPO has become the most professional terracotta products manufacturer in Asia in short sever years and developed stable strategic partnership with most of domestic construction companies and real estate developers. LOPO products are favored by customer from all over the world. The overseas well-known enterprises Kajima Corporation, Alphex etc. have established long-term business relationship with LOPO.

Company Feature

– 20+ Years Experience
LOPO has adhered to more than 20 years’ experience in manufacturer Architectural Terracotta Products. Each performance index of LOPO terracotta panels meets and exceeds European standards. The customers come from all over the world.

– The largest manfacturer
The most professional manufacturer of Terracotta Products in Asia, marketing and service of exterior curtain wall systems – Terracotta Facade Panel, Terracotta Louver, Terracotta Wall Tiles, Terracotta Floor Pavers, Terracotta Roof Tile etc.

– Specialized Production Lines
• 80,000 square-meter open stockyard
• 150,000 tons storage capacity of indoor repository for the semi-product
• Molding machines from Italian BONGIOUNNI
• 80 meters with five layer drying
• 260 meters roller kiln with 428 firing units
• Automatic cutting and edge grinding equipment

LOPO Terracotta Showroom