terracotta roof tile

Terracotta Roof Tile

Terracotta Roof Tile are special design with “old” looking, but contains noble and impressive flavor,which can increase the resale value of the constructions. It’s not only has a good decorative effect, but also specific physical effects. Terracotta Roof Tile is made from clay and other synthetic materials, dried by wet embryos and then fired at high temperature.
At a high temperature of more than 1000 degrees, the clay is solidified into ceramics. After more than 1200 degrees, the ceramics are basically porcelainized. Generally, the temperature of the ceramic tiles is controlled below 1200 degrees.

Customized colors, size, surface is acceptable.

Spanish 'S' Roof Tile

Size:310 x 310 mmSpanish S Roof Tile

Japanese 'J' Roof Tile

Size:310 x 310 mm
 Japanese J Roof Tile

Roll Roofing Tile

Size:370 x 180 x 140mm
Roll Roofing Tile

French Roma Roof Tile

Size:270 x 415 mm

French Roma Roof Tile

LOPO Terracotta Company is a professional terracotta roof tile products manufacturer and supplier in China. We have three factories and multiple production lines with more than 20 years of terracotta industry experience.

1.High compressive strength.
As terracotta roof tiles are fired at 1300 degrees high temperatures, can withstand larger than 200 kg for the construction workers to walk freely on the already-laid roofs.
2.Resistant to cold and heat.
The temperature difference of 130 degrees heat cycle three times will not burst, spelling, crack extension phenomenon.
3.Unique waterproof performance.
As terracotta roof tile with high-quality 100% clay raw materials, after high pressure molding, waterproof in the tiles back, without logged water.
4.Good thermal insulation.
Due to the high density of terracotta roof tile,with good thermal insulation, cooling in hot summer.
5.Never fade.
LOPO Terracotta roof tiles have been “tested” for 100-years performance guarantee. With a certain self-cleaning, looks new after the rain washed, and won’t appear  rain washed mottled refute phenomenon.


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How to choose to use terracotta roof tiles? the key is to see what style and positioning of your building. From the perspective of quality and function, German products are the first choice. If it is Mediterranean style, Spain and France are the first choice; if it is a castle-style building, then the preferred one is natural stone slab; if the terracotta roof tile is used as an alternative, you can only choose the flat terracotta roof tile, the color should not be chosen. Fully matt glazed; if it is pure English, then the UK is preferred. The roofing terracotta roof tile represents a culture in Europe, which further represents the taste and identity of the building.


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