December 2015

New Online – LOPO Terracotta Stair Treads and Terracotta Risers

New Online – LOPO Terracotta Stair Treads and Terracotta Risers Although stair tread is merely a small branch of floor tile products, it plays more important roles in architectures’s beauty and harmony than ordinary floor tiles, and it is also required to be more durable and safer than ordinary ones. Compared to ceramic or marble stair treads, terracotta stair tread has lasting charm although being a kind of traditional floor…

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Few features about Terracotta Louver Sunscreen System

If the terracotta louver sunscreen system is engineered according to the latitude of the project, the analysis of the site location, the local climate, the project orientation, and the effect obtained by the curtain wall sunscreen system during different periods over the year depending on the building’s use, then the beneficial effects will be guaranteed. What is more, the aesthetic advantage of a sunscreen system is appreciated both from inside and…

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Categories Of Rainscreens Cladding

Rainscreens can basically be classified into two categories, that is simple rainscreens and pressure-equalized rainscreens. Simple rainscreens is generally sufficient for areas experiencing low rainfall. A simple rainscreen cladding is vented, while the support wall which covered with a waterproof material is airtight. The base of the wall often has a drain. One of the typical example of this kind of rainscreen would be a brick masonry finish above a…

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