Few features about Terracotta Louver Sunscreen System

If the terracotta louver sunscreen system is engineered according to the latitude of the project, the analysis of the site location, the local climate, the project orientation, and the effect obtained by the curtain wall sunscreen system during different periods over the year depending on the building’s use, then the beneficial effects will be guaranteed. What is more, the aesthetic advantage of a sunscreen system is appreciated both from inside and outside the building.

What is the advantages of terracotta louver sunscreen system?

1. Using a sunscreen louver causes in a limited temperature increasing inside the building and a reducing of the use of air-conditioning. An external screen is indeed a more effective instrument of solar control compared to an internal screen, as solar radiation is, during summer months, intercepted prior to reaching the glass surfaces, avoiding the greenhouse effect and the ensuing overheating of the environments. On the contrary, Internal screens can allow the light to pass through the glass, requiring finally the removal of the heat accumulated inside the building by means of mechanical ventilation or air-conditioning.

2. Sunscreens protect objects located close to the windows against harmful ultraviolet rays and persons against glare.

3. In summer, the luminosity is concentrated and fierce without a terracotta sunscreen. Without a terracotta louver sunscreen the glazed unit transmits almost all the solar energy inside, overheating the interior. Sunscreens filter and diffuse the light towards the interior of the building. Most of the energy carried by solar rays is stopped by the sunscreen.

4. While in winter, without a sunscreen the glazed unit trasmits most of the solar energy inside.

The key parameter to define the quality of the light in domestic or working surroundings is the determination of the daylight factor. During engineering, the natural light quantity and the illumination in the project environment level need to be established through specific analysis. LOPO Terracotta louver sunscreen system allows regulating the light flow transmitted by the open spaces, which making the premises more comfortable for those using them.

Using terracotta wall sunscreen can reduce heat dispersions from the openings during winter and limits the “cooling” effect caused by wind action. At the same time, sunscreen system allows sunrays to reach the interior of a building during the day, which will create a natural heating if engineered correctly.

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