June 2014

Terracotta Panel Production and Advantages

Production Terracotta Panel is a natural terracotta as the main raw material, add a small amount of quartz, pumice, feldspar and pigment and other ingredients, through the high-pressure extrusion, low temperature drying and firing temperature of 1200 ℃, with green, no radiation, color moderate, will not bring light pollution. After firing the ceramic plate due to thermal expansion and contraction will produce differences on the size, cut by precision machinery,…

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Green Building Material-Inevitable Road of Innovation

Green Building Material-Inevitable Road of Innovation Sustainable development is a high priority for the 21st century global human development strategy, and the rise of green building materials is the inevitable trend in the development of construction industry. Green building materials is significant for building energy-saving society and plays a decisive role in the future of China’s sustainable development. With the green building concept deeply rooted, with environmentally friendly products on…

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Terracotta Panel Background and LOPO Terracotta Factory

Terracotta Panel Background and LOPO Terracotta Factory Affected by the building overheating of Ceramic tile production capacity,national real estate regulation , the global economic downturn and other  factors, China’s ceramic tile industry is suffering from sluggish sales of integrity , industry of most companies sales have suffered varying degrees of decline . In this context , as the domestic representative of the sheet, clay board new building materials continue to…

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