Terracotta Panel Production and Advantages

Terracotta Panel is a natural terracotta as the main raw material, add a small amount of quartz, pumice, feldspar and pigment and other ingredients, through the high-pressure extrusion, low temperature drying and firing temperature of 1200 ℃, with green, no radiation, color moderate, will not bring light pollution. After firing the ceramic plate due to thermal expansion and contraction will produce differences on the size, cut by precision machinery, and then passed the test before supply market.

Terracotta Panel color can be natural color of the clay fired at high temperature, usually red, yellow, gray three color series, the color is very rich, can be meet architects and owners of the building’s exterior color choices requirements. Color and shiny gentle, friendly, good durability. Terracotta Panel natural texture and color of eternal clay aroused great interest of the owners and architects.

1. Materials, environmental protection:
① from natural clay with quartz sand, after extrusion, high temperature calcination, not radioactive and durability.
② timeless color: color is natural clay color, natural color, bright, uniform, non-fading, durable, gives walls lasting vitality.
③ hollow structure, light weight, while increasing thermal resistance, temperature insulation effect.
2. Exterior wall has 20 colors available
Deep red, rust red, coral, natural red, pink, orange, brown, yellow sand, blue-gray, pearl gray, iron gray, volcanic gray, slate gray. These are natural clay body color (no enamel paints and coatings), and therefore can optionally tile cutter as needed without affecting the appearance.
There are a variety of optional surface forms: natural surface, glazing, groove, printing, sand surface, corrugated.
3.Easy cleaning
Due to the stability of the physical and chemical properties of the ceramic plate, and some of the special treatment of the surface. With acid, antistatic effect, so it will not attract dust; another more rain isobaric principle, there is no dirt will be broken down as rain erosion and restore a clean, moist forever original color.
4.High performance
① terracotta panel curtain wall technology stable performance, strong impact, meet curtain wall design wind load requirements;
② terracotta panel curtain wall, high temperature, strong anti-frost;
③ terracotta panel curtain flame retardant, fire safety.
④ Green terracotta panel, a new type of building material can be recycled regeneration.
⑤ terracotta panel light weight, never fade, timeless
5.Reasonable structure
① hanging system installation design portfolio, in the case of partial damage of monolithic terracotta panel can be replaced, easy maintenance;
② hollow clay plate structure makes noise effect is good, light weight;
③ clay plate of high strength can meet the above requirements for different cut sizes.
6.Good compatibility
① clay wall plate having mild appearance characteristics, easy and glass, with the use of metal.
② clay plate walls can reduce light pollution, increased seismic wall.
③ clay walls moist and soft color, increase the cultural atmosphere of the building itself.
7.Easy to install
Terracotta panel curtain wall design and reasonable structure, simple, to the maximum to meet the income side walls, shut the local design needs, easy to be installed, whether it is a flat, corner, or other parts of the curtain wall facades can maintain a coherent, natural and beautiful.
8.Low support costs
As the light weight clay plate, so clay plate curtain walls supporting structure requires more than a simple stone, lightweight, cost savings supporting walls….

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