January 2014

Introduction to Architectural Terracotta Products

Many people know that terracotta is a material based on clay, which is carved or molded into a specific shape before being dried, glazed and fired. This was once a very popular material for elements and cladding, but since then it has been replaced with various other materials, which are less likely to deteriorate. There are companies that still focus on architectural terracotta. All over the world, the terracotta found…

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Important elements concerning the Terracotta panel

The LOPO China name stands mainly for high quality products beneath the type of terracotta panels having a dry brick aspect. It’s worthless to talk about how essential the exterior wall facade is for your home and for some other variety of constructing. Designs in architectural buildings have evolved considerably throughout the course of years, and inside the contemporary days, construction firms are using all type of sophisticated components and…

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Specilaized Terracotta Panels for Exterior Wall Façade System

Specilaized Terracotta Panels for Exterior Wall Façade System Fujian, China – The Façade System is an important architectural element that has been used for ages. Now, China based company, LOPO China brings Terracotta Facade Panels that can be considered as the fine blend of the urban tradition and the latest technology. The company has been producing Terracotta bricks and panels in its own manufacturing factories. With over one decade of…

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