Specilaized Terracotta Panels for Exterior Wall Façade System

Specilaized Terracotta Panels for Exterior Wall Façade System

Fujian, China – The Façade System is an important architectural element that has been used for ages. Now, China based company, LOPO China brings Terracotta Facade Panels that can be considered as the fine blend of the urban tradition and the latest technology. The company has been producing Terracotta bricks and panels in its own manufacturing factories. With over one decade of experience of supplying Terracotta Panels, Wall Tiles, Baguette Sticks and other related products, the company is a leading exporter with a worldwide customer base.

These Terracotta panels are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors to fulfill the construction needs in a more customized manner. The spokesperson of the company reveals that they believe in offering the full customization advantages and offer large, medium and solid systems for various applications. With different sets of length and height and surface finishes, these panels can be used to give a new meaning to the outside building façade.

According to the spokesperson, one can find an exclusive Terracotta Panel with them for their exterior wall façade project. The company enjoys a great expertise in complex mixing techniques that provide unique color and surface texture to their panels. “We believe in innovation and our knowledge in traditional as well as modern firing methods enable us to create some exceptional designs that are the benchmark in the exterior façade creation,” he reveals.

The spokesperson maintains that their Terracotta panels are highly acclaimed by the architects and other building industry professionals for their functional features as well. These panels help keep water and moisture away from the wall and help preserve the color and paints and offer durability. Besides maintaining an aesthetic appeal, these panels can serve the purpose of a protective layer of the exterior walls.

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