March 2018

LOPO Terracotta Panel Cladding Project – MCC Xiangteng Town Square

LOPO Terracotta Panel Cladding Project----MCC Xiangteng Town Square

LOPO Terracotta Panel Cladding Project—-MCC Xiangteng Town Square MCC Xiangteng Town Square is located in the heart of the commercial center and transportation hub which government’s focus on building “Nanxiang International Community” and “Shanghai suburbs first CBD Nanxiang wisely”. With a total construction area approximately 180,000 square meters, it is an urban complex integrating business services, business office, culture and entertainment, high-end residential and transportation hubs. The 4.5-meter-high creative space…

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LOPO Brushed Grey Clay Tile Project–Vanke TangYue

LOPO Brushed Grey Clay Tile Project--Vanke TangYue

Facade: Brushed Grey Clay Tile Project Name: Vanke TangYue Site Address: Tangxia , Dongguan, Guangdong Main Wall Decorative Material: LOPO Brushed Clay Tile Item No. WR886 Size: 230*52*11mm (L*W*T) The Vanke TangYue project is located at Linping avenue, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, with Fairy Lake, Great Barrier Forest Park and Xiagongyan Reservoir on the north; Guanlan Golf Club Dongguan Stadium and Qidong Reservoir on the west and south; East and…

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LOPO Grey Terracotta Panel Cladding Project–The Citizen Fitness Center

LOPO Grey Terracotta Panel Cladding Project--The Citizen Fitness Center

Grey Terracotta Panel Cladding The Citizen Fitness Center is located Nanshan Road, Heping District,is a district-level sports facility, with a site area of 7,800 square meters, construction area of 35,000 square meters, a total investment of 180 million RMB in Shenyang City. Fitness Center was officially complete in 2017. The center includes fitness building, outdoor playground, tennis hall,swimming pool and other mass fitness and leisure facilities for more than 30…

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