LOPO Terracotta Company Profile

LOPO has imported molding machines of vacuum extrusion and domestic longest roller kiln (260-meter) with 428 firing units, 80,000 square meters open stockyard with the daily reserve of natural clay raw materials amounts to 300,000 tons, the semi-product indoor repository with storage capacity of 150,000 tons, the automatic production line with the processing capacity of shaping, cutting and polishing, a batch storage system which can reserve 12,000 tons of prepared clay material.

With a decade of our experience in terracotta, we have been continuously creating and developing to energize our products.

We have been dedicating to the quality of our product, which is also the principle of our life. We take trust for quality, LOPO now has created many excellent projects in some major cities with partners such as Vanke and China Resources and so on.

Team is the foundation and core of our company. We have a strong team of management, research & development and service. Being excellent is our goal and attitude……We are committed not only to the development of our company but also the responsibility of our society and environment. We will put our greatest effort to harmonize our mutual home with green products……

We always believe that only green products can maintain the lasting vitality, just like what we have been devoting to. Welcome to us and learn more!


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