Terracotta Panel Background and LOPO Terracotta Factory

Terracotta Panel Background and LOPO Terracotta Factory

Affected by the building overheating of Ceramic tile production capacity,national real estate regulation , the global economic downturn and other  factors, China’s ceramic tile industry is suffering from sluggish sales of integrity , industry of most companies sales have suffered varying degrees of decline . In this context , as the domestic representative of the sheet, clay board new building materials continue to rise , more and more companies joined the research and development and production of new building materials ,but these opportunities , challenges also should not be underestimated .

For example in Clay Terracotta Panel Industry , although the industry is still in its infancy in China, but the traditional tile product sales blocked, gave birth to a lot of capital, “Quxianjiuguo” to join the clay plates field , the company’s “quick buck” makes a lot of the industry problems  continue to emerge.

Pottery is a traditional craft , Terracotta products are mainly used of utensils , handicrafts in the early life , With the continuous development of Terracotta  technology , the traditional pottery gradually blend with modern architecture , making use of natural clay ceramic plate , ceramic solar panels, have been widely used in urban public buildings, commercial buildings , is the international new popular energy-saving wall materials . After a national building materials testing center testing experts , clay plate curtain wall material system not only solve the buildings were completed after rainfall , but also has a good seismic and ventilation performance , its hardness , appearance, stability, service life , the installation process , etc. many aspects have a very distinct advantage , by combining the system and open the installation and use of special hardware features clay plate , effectively divert rain water and snow melt water from the surface of the building , thus avoiding the rain and snow penetration of erosion on the exterior structure . Plus there is no light pollution and no radiation characteristics , since the introduction of the country soon after he recognized some of the owners and curtain wall design community experts. It is because of the natural beauty ceramic plate walls with energy saving advantages, making ceramic plate very broad market potential , seize their market highs have become the choice of many ceramic enterprises .

Terracotta Panel belonging to the wall building materials , was born in Munich, Germany in 1985 . nearly two years before the rise in China , and increasing demand , Previously, the Terracotta Panel production monopoly in Europe;s core technology is one of the few enterprises. Although China has been manufacturing enterprises, but the capacity is not high , it is difficult to meet the growing market demand for Terracotta Panel .

2009 : LOPO started Terracotta Panel Factory groundbreaking ceremony , covers an area of 320 acres , indicating LOPO company based on continuous research and innovation , to try new types of products , improve themselves , hoping to use the rich unique, unique charm the Terracotta Panel , stand in the forefront of industry sectors .

April 21, 2011 : LOPO company’s successfully produced the first piece Terracotta Panel . It symbolizes the R & D and innovation LOPO curtain wall products in clay , and areas of development towards a higher .


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