Environment Protection Building Materials – Sunscreen Louver

Sunscreen Louver is made by nature clay material and fired with more than 1200 degree temperature, so it is a kind of incombustible materials and 100% environment-friendly materials which can be recycled.  The color of this kind of clay material is rich and various. This kind of building material is used in the curtain wall system (Exterior wall cladding or interior cladding) and advanced at the performance of energy saving and self cleaning. The sunscreen louver for the curtain wall system can give people quiet, peaceful, natural and cultural feelings.

Sunscreen Louver is really a kind of great materials for designers to explain their design idea and make the effect what they wanted coming true. Its effective management of light and heat inside the building, improving the comfort level of building users, crease exciting architectural opportunities, saving energy and improve environmental protection and saving operation cost, all these features make sunscreen louver become more and more popular in the building industry.

LOPO China is mainly engaged in manufacturing sunscreen louver. We recommend the best sunscreen louver system according to the specific project (geographic allocation, climatic conditions, annual air pressure, sunshine duration). We offer durable components, all of them are made of high quality materials and have been considered maintenance when we design-just need water and soap to clean. The installation system (horizontal or vertical ) is contain fixing, adjustable with motor, intelligence to meet different needs for customers. We offer multiple types and specifications to meet customers’ needs.

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