LOPO Terracotta Panels Used in Prefabricated Building

LOPO Terracotta Panels Used in Prefabricated Building

In recent years, prefabricated buildings have attracted high attention from the public, especially under the call of the highest decision-making level of the country to develop prefabricated buildings and promote the industrialization of new buildings, many enterprises are eager to join in it.

In the project of Japan JA Group Kanagawa Building, it is a typical prefabricated building by using special shape of LOPO Terracotta panels.

LOPO Terracotta Panels Used in Prefabricated Building The concept of prefabricated housing was introduced in Japan in 1968. In 1990, it introduced the production system of medium – and high-rise residential buildings, which adopts component, industrialized production mode, high production efficiency, variable internal structure of residential buildings, and adapts to various needs of residents. In the process of promoting large-scale and industrialized structural adjustment, the housing industry has experienced the continuous evolution and improvement from standardization, diversification, industrialization to intensification and informational.

According to the five-year housing construction plan issued by Japan, every five-year plan has clear policies and measures to promote the development of the housing industry and improve the performance and quality. Strong government intervention and support have played an important role in the development of the housing industry. Adhering to technological innovation, we formulated a series of guidelines and policies for the industrialization of housing construction, and established a unified modular standard, which solved the contradiction between standardization, mass production and housing diversification.

LOPO Terracotta Panels Used in Prefabricated Building

The development status of prefabricated building in Japan:

Wood construction accounts for more than 40%.

The multi – high-rise apartments are mainly reinforced concrete frames (PCA technology).

Factory high level, integrated decoration, thermal insulation doors and Windows, etc.

Legislation to ensure the quality of concrete components.

High seismic intensity, prefabricated concrete shock absorption and isolation technology.

LOPO Terracotta Panels Used in Prefabricated Building

The essence of prefabricated building is not only the innovation of construction technology, but also the development of construction civilization. LOPO Terracotta support the prefabricated building construction technology, and will keep developing the most qualified environmental friendly facade material.