Old building for a new look – Quanzhou Hospital

Old building for a new look Quanzhou First Hospital Geriatrics Branch officially put into use

“The feeling that came here to give me is comfort and warmth, and the medical staff are very considerate…” On June 24, Quanzhou First Hospital Geriatrics Branch (Quanzhou Geriatric Hospital) was officially unveiled and put into use on the first day. Zhuang Ayi of the Jinhuai community said this when accompanied by a lover with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. What is the difference between the old-age disease branch from the original office building of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and other hospital districts, and what are the highlights in the functional positioning? The reporter went to the camp specifically.Old building for a new look Quanzhou First Hospital Geriatrics Branch officially put into use

Old building for a new look

It is reported that the elderly hospital is located at the intersection of Xiongtong North Road and Tianhuai Street in Fengze District, Quanzhou City. Nowadays, the renovated courtyard has been renewed, revealing the brand-new brick infrared wall unique to southern Fujian. The exterior wall is decorated with LOPO ceramic plates and split bricks. Walking into the bright and spacious outpatient hall, clear guide signs are at a glance. The smiling, instructing nurse welcomes every patient who comes to see you with warm and thoughtful service.

It is understood that the elderly hospital is the key project of the municipal party committee and the municipal government to “focus on the key and fill the shortcomings” in the health and health industry in response to the trend of population aging. It is the key construction project of the “13th Five-Year Plan” in Quanzhou. The hospital occupies an area of ​​about 19.2 mu, with 290 beds and an area of ​​about 29,000 square meters. It is built according to the standards of tertiary hospitals.

In order to make the hospital work better, the hospital began trial operation on June 2, and was officially unveiled on June 24. In terms of management, the hospital and Quanzhou First Hospital implemented homogenization management. Su Zhijun, president of Quanzhou First Hospital, said that as one of the core member units of Quanzhou First Hospital Medical Group, the completion and use of the elderly hospital will effectively promote the pace of construction of medical groups and further promote the integration of quality medical resources in the city. To build a quality and efficient medical and health service system.

The physiotherapy room in the Chinese medicine hall is doing physical therapy for the patient.

Renovation of details, full of humane care

According to the person in charge of the elderly hospital, the elderly hospitals mainly treat elderly patients with chronic diseases and rehabilitation patients. For this reason, the hospital has made special modifications to the particularity of the group’s inconvenience. The reporter noticed that all the floors and passages of the hospital were equipped with barrier-free access. The outpatient clinic opened a barrier-free toilet separately. In the ward of the ward, there were safety rails, anti-slip mats, emergency call system, etc. Attentive.

Not only that, but the hospital also specially prepared a space for patients to enjoy. Against the backdrop of brick infrared walls, green grass, and patina corridors, the atrium garden of the elderly hospital is full of ease, and it is not pleasant.

Due to the limited space of the original venue and only 14 parking spaces on the ground, the hospital designed and built a modern fully automatic three-dimensional parking building to facilitate the parking needs of the citizens. It is understood that the three-dimensional parking building has a total of 96 parking spaces. When the citizens enter the warehouse, as long as the car is parked accurately, press the button to take the card. After one minute, the parking lot can complete the entire process of parking. The person in charge of the hospital said: “The space in the courtyard is limited. In order to leave limited parking resources to the public, we also call on the staff of the hospital to travel green. Next, the hospital will further negotiate with the public transportation department to let the public Transportation facilities are more convenient.”

Old building for a new look Quanzhou First Hospital Geriatrics Branch officially put into use

Nursing staff are finishing rehabilitation equipment

More data, more convenient for citizens

“We hope that patients who come to the hospital will not have to wait in line to make an appointment for a quick and convenient appointment.” Chen Rongmei, a staff member of the outpatient department of the hospital, said that at present, the medical technology appointment function has been carried out in the clinic, and the doctor can complete the medical examination project. To help the patient make an appointment, the patient can go to the appropriate department for examination. Next, the hospital will also implement the inter-diagnostic function.

With the continuous improvement of the information construction of the First Hospital of Quanzhou, at present, the data of the elderly hospital and the First Hospital of Quanzhou First Hospital, the Chengdong District and the maternity branch are all interoperable, and the public does not have to do extra checks when visiting the clinic. The doctor can quickly understand the patient’s case through the system, and truly realize that the data is more running and the citizens are less running.

In addition, the 22 new multi-function self-service machines put into use in the hospital will be printed on outpatient electronic medical records, expense lists, inspection reports, etc., payment, settlement, medical technology appointment, self-service card and other functions will be greatly facilitated. Citizen.

Chen Rongmei said: “According to the characteristics of the elderly, we have set up a multi-energy guidance triage, which can measure blood pressure, blood sugar, blood ketone, payment code payment, medical technology check appointment, etc. in each waiting area. We also equip patients with water dispensers and disposable cups to keep patients drinking.”

Old building for a new look Quanzhou First Hospital Geriatrics Branch officially put into use