The Features of Handmade Clay Brick Tile

The Features of Handmade Clay Brick Tile

We can see the combination of Handmade Clay Brick Tile and other materials in buildings in many regions, especially Morocco. In Europe and America, who promote their individuality, they also like to use Handmade Clay Brick Tile as an important material for their personalized design works.

Handmade Clay Brick Tile can make buildings more diversified through different splicing methods. Handmade brick production is also different from other brick production methods, and the production cycle will be longer.

The Features of Handmade Clay Brick Tile

Even though “handmade tiles” have major shortcomings, due to the growing awareness of “individualization” in the decoration industry, more and more people choose hand-fired handmade tiles to melt into their living space, and you can see that you are The pursuit of lifestyle demands on the quality of life, which has also become the “excellent writing” of designers and artists.

Hand-made tiles are thicker and more wear-resistant than ordinary tiles. In fact, they can be used for paving on the ground and other places with high humidity or high frequency of use.

Handmade Clay Brick Tile are mainly used in Chinese-style high-end hotels, high-end clubs, garden-style, natural-style villas, or some high-end sanatorium projects.

Features of Handmade Clay Brick Tile:

  1. Diverse shapes and strong artistry.
  2. Unique and non-copyable (due to the special process, the surface, texture, color and shape of each tile produced are slightly different)
  3. There are many types of processes, kiln change process, ice cracking process, etc. (different methods,Corresponding to different shapes, different crafts are needed)