LOPO Always Pursue New Terracotta Design for Building Exterior

LOPO Always Pursue New Terracotta Design for Building Exterior

As you may know, all the architects are always looking for new materials and technologies to make their projects standout in terms of design, aesthetics and functionality. The type of products available and an architects’ knowledge about its uses will have a direct influence in the design stage of a project.

Terracotta facade wall cladding panels manufactured by Chinese industry leader LOPO bring a completely new dimension to designing the building exterior wall cladding. LOPO terracotta panel meet the highest standards for both architecture and design by adopting the latest technology and machines for ventilated facades with urban tradition and materials.

LOPO design a proprietary facade solutions which can move water away from building envelopes by using a ventilated and pressure-equalized system. Firstly, The natural chimney effects not only keep the building dry to reduce maintenance, but also help save energy, due to the cooling effect of air movement. Secondly, The wide range of profiles for terracotta wall panel surface design, from fine textures to strongly profiled structures. LOPO’s line includes natural and special surfaces as well as horizontal profiles. Thirdly, specialization in custom applications. Sizes, shapes, and finishes to meet any requirement. deal for both new construction and over-cladding projects. Finally, full CAD and project management support available.

LOPO terracotta panel has a variety of natural, polished and glazed finishes to support thousands of color, surface, and texture combinations. Welcome your inquiry!

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