How to Remove Rust Stains from Terracotta Tiles

How to Remove Rust Stains from Terracotta TilesHow to Remove Rust Stains from Terracotta Tiles

When rust comes in contact with your terra-cotta floor or if a wet metal surface has been left there to sit, rust stains are left behind. Terra-cotta is a natural stone, which adds beauty and sturdiness to your floor. As is the case with most natural stone surfaces, rust stains must be drawn out of the terra-cotta while doing as little harm as possible to the natural stone.
1.Pour lemon juice onto a clean cloth. Sprinkle table salt over the lemon juice. Lay the cloth, lemon juice and salt side facing down, and allow it to sit on the rust stain for a couple minutes to draw it out.
2.Scrub the lemon juice and salt rub into the rust stain on your terra-cotta tile, then lift the cloth off the tile surface. Wipe with a clean cloth dampened in water. The lemon juice and salt mixture often will be enough to remove light surface rust stains.
3.Make a poultice to remove more set-in rust stains on your terra-cotta tile. Fold a paper towel to a size that will fit over the entire rust stain. Dampen the paper towel with rust removing liquid, then pour diatomaceous earth on top of the rust remover.
4.Drizzle a little more rust remover onto the diatomaceous earth until the powder is the consistency of a thick paste. Place the poultice, substance side down, onto the rust stain. Put a layer of plastic wrap over the poultice.
5.Leave the poultice in place over the rust stain for up to 48 hours so it can draw the rust stain out of your tile. Begin checking to see if the rust stain has lifted as soon as three hours after laying the poultice down.
6.Remove the poultice from your terra-cotta tile surface, and wipe the tile down with a damp sponge.

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