Some Other Terracotta Baguette Installation Methods

Some Other Terracotta Baguette Installation Methods


Some Other Terracotta Baguette Installation Methods introduction:

Terracotta baguette is a widely used building material, here have many Terracotta Baguette Installation Methods.

Its wide range of applications can be used as large-scale shopping centers, hotels, airports, schools, office buildings, hospitals and high-end residential exterior shutters. It can also be used in a larger space, such as: office lobby, subway, train or bus station waiting Halls, airport lounges, theaters, cinemas, etc.

LOPO has been very experienced in producing terracotta baguettes. Various colors and sizes can be customized. If you are interested in the products that we have produced, pls visit our company website.

Some customers are very interested in the installation methods. And we used to provide the solutions in the passed years. According to the specific requirements of the project, the construction methods of the terracotta baguette can be diversified. Here I will introduce several installation methods that have not been mentioned before.

First Solution: no need to drill holes in the terracotta baguettes

Some Other Terracotta Baguette Installation Methods Some Other Terracotta Baguette Installation Methods
Above picture shows the installation need the customized aluminium tube going though the baguette. I will also share another solution without the aluminium tube. Please check as follows:

The advantage is very fast installation. Disadvantage of the above solutions is that the fixing material are easily been seen because didn’t drill holes in the baguettes.

Second Solution: Need to drill holes in two ends of the terracotta baguette

Some Other Terracotta Baguette Installation Methods

Just like the picture shows above, the fixing materials are hide behind the baguettes, which will not be seen in the front. If you need to use a steel tube though the baguette, just use it to instead of the small bracket in the baguette.

More Terracotta Baguette Installation Methods will be shared in the futures from LOPO Terracotta Corporation.

LOPO hopes not only to provide the perfect terracotta baguette to customers, but also hopes to help customers solve the installation problems. Of course, if you have other better installation methods in the actual project, welcome to share them to me and we can learn from each other.