Reduction Reaction Fired Clay Brick Tile

Reduction Reaction Fired Clay Brick Tile

Reduction Reaction Fired Clay Brick Tile introduction:

Reduction Reaction Fired Clay Brick Tile


1.Simple and elegant appearance

The color of the clay brick tile is simple and natural, and the cut surface forms a natural texture. At the same time, the color of the clay brick tile is the same throughout, and it still retains its original color after many years of use. Kiln bricks, fire bricks, antique bricks and handmade bricks produced by special processes are especially suitable for restoration of ancient buildings and ancient blocks.

2.Excellent intrinsic quality

The clay brick tile are extruded by a vacuum hard plastic extruder and then fired through an external combustion process to make the paving bricks compressive strength greater than 50Mpa, water absorption greater than 8%, and good freeze-thaw resistance.

Reduction Reaction Fired Clay Brick Tile

3.Slip resistance, wear resistance, no pollution

The clay brick tile used outdoors should be matte bricks, that is, steel cut surface bricks. At the same time, due to the unique quick-drying properties of the clay brick tile, it has excellent anti-skid performance. After the clay brick tile are fired at a high temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius, the internal particles will melt, making the bricks resistant. The degree of grinding is greatly improved, there is no dust generated by the rolling of vehicles, and it will not pollute the environment. It is a green and environmentally friendly building material product. resistance

Clay brick tile are weather resistant and can resist harsh environments and corrosive substances.

5.Adjust the air humidity

Clay brick tile is the only building material with equal water absorption and drainage speed (compared with other building materials, the water absorption and drainage speed of clay brick tile is about 10 times higher). It is an effective medium for regulating the balance of atmospheric and soil moisture. The flexible paving method can be used with The grassroots jointly form a permeable system, which can effectively alleviate the urban heat island effect.

6.Easy to lay

When clay brick tile are used for sidewalks, light driveways and squares, most of them adopt flexible laying methods, without mortar and concrete. Dry construction saves a lot of machinery and labor.

7.Long service life

Clay brick tile system has become more and more compact with the passage of time. The bricks interact with the base material and caulking materials to obtain the unique interlocking properties, fix the position of the bricks and transfer the load down to the base through the cushion to give full play to The strength advantage of paving bricks improves the overall load bearing capacity of the road system. After proper installation, brick roads are extremely strong and durable.


The maintenance of the fired clay brick tile surface is very simple. It is laid without mortar, and the damaged bricks are easy to replace. Usually, most of the surface stains can be removed by gently scrubbing with clean water.