Unitized Terracotta Rainscreens

Unitized Terracotta Rainscreens – Water is the most significant factor in the premature deterioration of building envelopes. It causes rotting of metals, molding of organic materials, and unintended stresses due to freeze thaw cycling.

Three conditions are required to allow water movement through building envelopes:

  • A source of water.
  • A pathway for water to flow.
  • A force to drive water along the pathway.

If any one of these conditions is eliminated, moisture penetration cannot occur. Applying rainscreen construction principles to the design of the exterior envelope controls and manages the driving forces that generate water movement into and through the envelope. The basic rainscreen system configuration incorporates two distinct material layers. The outermost layer is the facade cladding and the interior is the insulated and weather protected backup wall. These are separated by a properly ventilated air gap. Rainscreen exterior envelopes, although superior to the traditional face sealed barrier envelope systems, can be expensive and time consuming to construct.

China LOPO Contracting has combined our leading edge wall manufacturing techniques with a ceramic clay tile façade system to create a terracotta rainscreen envelope that is both affordable and high performing. Our premanufactured terracotta assemblies provide a durable, weather resistant barrier with excellent thermal and sound properties. Our rainscreen systems are environmentally friendly and highly cost effective due to the long life cycle of the materials and overall system construction.

By premanufacturing our rainscreen wall systems, China LOPO uses stringent quality control standards to ensure all required lashings, air barriers, insulation, support aluminum channels and terracotta clay veneers are constructed correctly. Common problems, such as multiple trade involvement or working under field conditions, are eliminated when selecting a unitized approach, resulting in a superiorly constructed exterior wall. Our systems have been repeatedly performance tested to guarantee they meet the most stringent project criteria for air infiltration, water penetration, thermal resistance, and seismic performance.

China LOPO engineers can custom design a wall rainscreen system to meet your project’s specific requirements. All of our designs are compatible with latest building codes, including the latest changes to both the energy conservation standards and LEED requirements. China LOPO Contracting has repeatedly proven that innovative design, superior engineering, accurate fabrication and detailed erection leads to successful projects.

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