The Increasing Demand of Terracotta Rainscreen in the Architectural System

The Increasing Demand of Terracotta Rainscreen in the Architectural System

As you may know, one of the latest technologies used by the real estate and architecture industry to meet the new standards in housing decoration is rainscreen system. This wall cladding system is the resistance to rain damages that can be a result of a gradual erosion of the walls of a property. The rain-screen principle requires the control of all the forces handled by a drained cavity wall and the air pressure difference acting across the wall facade cladding. Few people know that rains and wind can cause dramatic changes in a building or a house exterior wall. What’s more, the weather changes can cause a lot of effect like corrosion of anchors of exterior cladding, efflorescence on masonry, damage and staining of interior finishes etc. On the physical side, the appearance, the function, and the comfort of the space, can lead to inconveniences to the residents or the tenants of a home or a building.

To answer the mentioned problems, research and developments has become more extensive and intensive. Rainscreen system developments calls for a fast progress in construction methods to protect the building, while at the same time, the technology should also answer the need for a more sophistication in the design of the exterior wall.

Therefore façade treatments are developed on rainscreen such that it can be installed faster and achieve the weather tightness. Internal fit out packages also has been one of the standards in modern architecture system.

As a result specialist subcontractors are demanding to find a single resource or supplier to meet this need for quality rainscreen. Terracotta facade panel manufactured from LOPO China are high strength, low weight and high quality products. This kind of wall cladding decorative façade system can fit many designs.

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