Why the Terracotta Wall Facade Plates from LOPO China

Why the Terracotta Wall Facade Plates from LOPO China could become the most widely accepted products in construction industry?
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November 30, 2013-China-The terracotta Wall Facade Plate is the main products of the famous LOPO China which is the best manufacturer in China. LOPO’s terracotta Plate product is the latest curtain wall decoration and material in today’s construction industry. Why their products could have such kind of influence? This is because of their particular advantages and strong points.

LOPO’s high quality terracotta Wall Facade Plates have the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, moisture resistance, anti-noise and others. Furthermore, the installation of this product could only use the simply hanging which could let people replace and install them very easy, more important, it could provide with clients more flexible solution for using and designation. People could browse website https://www.terracotta-panel.com/ to view their detailed drawing picture about their advantages.

It is indeed that the terracotta Wall Facade Plate from LOPO has the more unparalleled advantage than that of other traditional curtain wall materials and decorations which material are the stone, glass, aluminum, ceramic plates and others. Why the conclusion could be concluded into this? People could see the concluded strong points about terracotta Wall Facade Plate below.

First, the material of the terracotta Wall Facade Plate and other products such as Terracotta Baguette from LOPO are very light, which could reduce the weight supporting value of building body.

Second, most of LOPO’s products such as their TERRAOCTTA BRICK have applied the cavity structure which can effectively reduce the heat transfer coefficient of the air inside and outside. In this kind of situation, the thermal resistance has been largely increases and people’s home would be cool in summer and hot in winter. It could reduce energy consumption. On the other hand, it is understand that the cavity structure could also help to reduce the noisy.

People who ever placed order to LOPO would be attracted by the colorful and bright appearance of their products such as Terracotta Wall Facade Plates. It is indeed that their products could make people’s house become more monotonous and more artistic.

We have to say that the materials which LOPO China use to make the Terracotta Wall Facade Plates, TERRAOCTTA BRICK and other products are mainly the natural clay or the ceramic wastes. The main workmanship for LOPO China to producing their high quality product is the wet extrusion production which does not produce waste water, waste material, emissions, less dust and low energy consumption. Some people would have the feeling that LOPO’s manufacturing method should be in line with the harmony concept among economic, society, human and nature.

With the supporting of their unique advantages and the development of their production capacity, LOPO China’s products such as Terracotta Wall Facade Plates and Terracotta brick will eventually become the new darling of building walls market.

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