Terracotta Baguette Louvers

Terracotta Sunscreen Baguettes from LOPO China

Terracotta Sunscreen Baguettes, also called terracotta louver, sunscreen louver, is a special terracotta facade elements. This kind of terracotta building materials have become increasingly appealing to architects with the widely use of terracotta facade cladding. Terracotta sunscreen baguette offers an excellent combination of both functionality and aesthetic appeal as shading and design elements. Terracotta baguette is usually in the shape of tube with square, rectangular, triangular or oval cross-section. Multiple profiles and limitless colors of terracotta baguettes make themselves integrated naturally and artistically with both the whole building exterior wall and the interior decoration.

Terracotta Baguette Louvers,Terracotta Sunscreen Baguettes

Terracotta baguette is usually used to cover window areas or in front of glass facades. When terracotta baguette is used as shading and applied in window areas, it can ensure enough natural light and enough air ventilation for indoor . The terracotta baguette with oval cross-section can be installed at different angles for achieving an ideal sun shading effect. They also ideally fulfill the requirement of sun shading and design aesthetic for the overall facade cladding when used in front of glass facades.

Terracotta Baguette can be used as design elements going with different facade surface like terracotta facade cladding, natural stone curtain wall, glass facades. The natural feel, multiple shapes and boundless colors make terracotta baguette either an important role in the overall facade sign or embellishments integrated harmoniously with facade surface.

Terracotta baguette is an ideal product to used as partition elements indoor which can be a special decorative elements and also keep a certain privacy at the same time. Natural color and multiple patterns of terracotta baguette can create different visual effects.

Terracotta baguette is also good options for covering some specific area or facilities like ventilation appliance or substation equipment, which will ensure harmonization for the overall project.

LOPO China has wide range of terracotta baguette products in common shapes and cross-sections. Baguette in the color and shape desired by the customer for specific projects are also available.

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