Terracotta Panel System Becomes A Fashion Statement

Terracotta Panel System Becomes A Fashion Statement

Speed of build originally made curtain wall system a contemporary construction choice and the systems continue to rise in popularity as increasingly stylish and natural finishes are launched to market. Although these curtain walls are historically the preserve of premium developments, technology innovations are helping to bring the cost down and make these high quality exteriors accessible to all.

While the primary function of a curtain wall is to protect the inner leaf of a building from wind driven rain and ultra violet light, trends in modern architecture have made the systems as fashionable as they are functional. As an exterior finish, rainscreens provide complete design versatility and enable some of the most striking and unusual designs to become a reality.

There are many different types of exterior wall cladding facade systems on the market, offering a range of colours, textures, shapes and sizes. Although product innovation and local environmental factors have a strong influence on the popularity of these different systems, emerging patterns suggest natural materials such as stone and terracotta tile are set to be the facings of choice – with increased affordability acting as the catalyst.

At the same time as advances in stone facing technology, a new generation of terracotta panel systems has emerged. Compared with conventional terracotta panel systems, these new systems remove the need to use a twin skin design. An innovative manufacturing process uses a porcelain base, baked at a high temperature, to give the single skin tile increased strength and durability.

The precision calculated carrier systems of these modern terracotta facade panel systems offer complete design versatility as well as fast installation. To accommodate the full range of design requirements, they are available in module sizes ranging from small, typically 150mm x 800mm, to very large at 300mm x 1,200mm. Large format panels deliver the clean finish demanded by many premium developments, and remain easy to install owing to the sophisticated carrier system and minimal weight of the tile. At the same time, smaller tiles provide a cost effective solution for breaking up the monotony of a lower end finish, such as render. This is because the carrier system will easily integrate with the primary frame of most alternative exterior finishes.

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