Terracotta Wall Cladding Panels Past and Present

Terracotta Wall Cladding Panels curtain originated from Germany’s famous roof tile manufacturer Von Mueller Dachprodukte GmbH & Co. KG, their engineers Thomas Herzog Professor envisaged in the 1980s, roof tile application to the wall, eventually according to terracotta installation method, invented a clay plate and curtain hanging system for the exterior walls. Von Mueller in Görlitz set up a factory specializing in the production of Terracotta Wall Cladding Panels—ArGeTon. 1985 The first project completed in Munich with Terracotta Wall Cladding Panels, Germany.In subsequent years, the company gradually improve panel articulated way. Installation system is in the current two aluminum curtain wall system  from the initial stage of development of wooden structure.

China ‘s Terracotta market supply for a long time totally dependent on imported from overseas, the high transport costs, the long delivery cycle, and the installation of technology services is difficult to in place in time, restricted the promotion of the use of Terracotta Wall Cladding Panels in China.

2002 China’s first Terracotta Wall Cladding Panels items: Civil Aviation Administration of China building renovation project,about 10,000 square meters, beige, glazed Design: China Architectural Design Research Institute chief architect Cui Kai ). From then on Terracotta Wall Cladding Panels developing rapidly in China.

Currently, LOPO Terracotta Wall Cladding Panels has become a famous brand in China region. Now it owns two industrial parks,one is devoted in clay brick and artificial cultured stone, the other one is focusing on Terracotta Wall Cladding Panels and louver. The total area of industrial parks is more than 540 hectare with total investment more than 3 hundred million. It has build strategic partnership with big real estate companies in China including Vanke, China Merchant Property Development CO,. Ltd, Greenland Group and Group and Country Garden. LOPO is not content with being just a famous Chinese brand.

About LOPO Terracotta Products Corporation

LOPO China Corporation is the most professional China manufacturer for Terracotta Wall Facade Panels, Terracotta Baguette, Terracotta Louver, Terracotta Wall Tiles and Terracotta Bricks an floor heating system in Asia.

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