Terracotta Panel Facade System Overview

Terracotta Panel Facade System

To bring a designer’s goal to fruition, LOPO China team specializes in providing turnkey solutions in both the panel and sunshade systems. Lopo bring us to the table early in the design process will enable us to assist you and create a path for shared success.

LOPO China’s wall cladding system provides benefits above and beyond conventional masonry cavity wall systems. In addition to the durability and ease of maintenance inherent to any terracotta cladding, LOPO China terracotta facade panel system incorporates ship-lapped open joints that shield the structural wall from wind driven rain and snow while also ventilating the air space to mitigate mold and mildew growth. Beyond the functionality of the system, the plasticity of LOPO China offers profile opportunities to designers not available in alternate rainscreen cladding materials.

China LOPO also offers sunshade devices as part of our Terracotta product line. They can be used in combination with the terracotta wall cladding system or as a standalone feature. A true marriage of form and function, these sunshade devices aid in reduction of glare and help to shield inhabitants from the sun similar to traditional blinds, while also giving designers a component with which to create a unique, modern building design aesthetic.

Benefits of the Terracotta Facade Panel System:

  • Terracotta panels installed on an aluminum framing system offer the durability of a masonry installation without the weight
  • Continuous insulation outboard of the primary wall system increases the thermal performance of the building envelope
  • A mortar-less system allows for installation in any weather conditions and reduces maintenance costs associated with re-pointing
  • Replacement of a panel does not require the entire stacked bond to be removed
  • Gravity and friction fit pre-punched track system speeds installation
  • Leed credit opportunities
  • Abundant profile, color and finish opportunities available

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