Technicial Data of Terracotta Facade Panels

Technicial Data of Terracotta Facade Panels

Inspection ItemsTechnical DataReference Standards
Size DeviationLength+0.39mm~+0.65mmGB/T3810.2-2006
Side Straightness0.34mmGB/T3810.2-2006
Side Bendness0.38mmGB/T3810.2-2006
Surface Flatness0.40mmGB/T3810.2-2006
Diagonal difference1.7mmGB/T3810.2-2006
Water Absorption Rate5.4%GB/T3810.3-2006
Dry Weight≤33kg/m2—-
Freezing ResistanceNo Crack or FlakeGB/T3810.12-2006
Breakage Strength2986NJC/T 1080-2008
Rupture Modulus14MPaJC/T 1080-2008
Poisson Rato0.24ISO17561-2002
Modulus of Elasticity41GPaISO17561-2002
Fire Resisting PropertyA DegreeJC/T 1080-2008
Low Concentration Acid and Alkali ResistanceNo Visible ChangeGB/T3810.13-2006
High Concentration Acid and Alkali ResistanceULA DegreeGB/T4100-2006
Radio-ActivityInner value:0.4

Out value: 0.8

Earthquake Resistant Performance≥10GB-T18575, GB5011
Wind LoadPositive Pressure: 5.0KPa

Negative Pressure: 5.0KPa

Sound ProofReduce Noise more than 9db—-
Thermal Shock ResistanceNo  crack or explodeGB/T3810.9-2006
Bending Strength30MPaGB/T4741-1999
Moisture Expandability0.007%GB/T3810.10-2006
Coefficient of Heat Conductivity4.39w/(m2.K)GB/T13475-2008
Plane Deformation CapacityFifth DegreeGB/T21086-2007
Hanging StrengthAverage:1218NGB/T9966.7-2001
Stain Resistance3 DegreeGB/T9780-2005
Linear Thermal Expansion5.54×10-6C-1GB/T3810.8-2006


About LOPO China

Established in 2002 in China, LOPO has been manufacturing and supplying exterior wall facade systems such as Terracotta bricks, panels, baguettes, and Artificial Cultural Stone etc. The company has own manufacturing units and products are manufactured to meet and exceed the European standards. The products are of high quality and they keep in mind the requirements of different customers and supply them with customized products.

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