Project Application Instructions of LOPO China Terracotta Facade Panel

LOPO China Terracotta Facade Panel is porous structure with light weight and easy installation, it can be installed quickly, but some problem should be pay attention during design and installation.

Some terracotta facade panel needs to be cut off on corners and edges during installation and it is difficult to get strait cutting edges like metal plate because of its hollow inside, the design for corner can consider to use square aluminum tube as trasitional zone or order the special corner ceramics.

There is difficulty on designing corner and edge, especially for edges jointing other material because terracotta panel normally adopts open system. The joint with aluminum-plastic composite panel and glass should be duly handled, and all supporting parts should be rust-proof treated or use stainless parts on open curtain wall system.

The  color of terracotta panel is relative to factors such as original place, formula, dry kiln temperature and time ect., and all factors are difficult to keep identical for different batch as well as consistency of installed angle, so there is some probable color difference on installed terracotta panel. The scientific advantage of product is on its perfect hollow design with strip, the design not only reduces weight of product, but also improves its property of ventilation, noise reduction and heat preservation.

The outstanding system design of LOPO China Terracotta Facade Panel combining superior property of terracotta rainscreen ensures perfect appearance of curtain wall, and it can be cut according to requirement of dimension to meet the style requirement of designer.

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