Why the Products from LOPO Welcomed by their Clients Worldwide

May 04, 2014- China- Why the Terracotta Panel and Tile from LOPO China could be followed by most of purchaser and related distributor home and  abroad? This kind of hot selling situation could be largely summed up in their environmental friendly materials, easy to be cleaned, high performance and other factors. Today, this article from official website of LOPO China (www.terracotta-panel.com) will give people detailed description about this information.

The Terracotta products from Terracotta Panel are made of the environmental friendly materials which are natural clay with quartz sand. These products are made by extrusion and high temperature calcination which will let the product itself does dot have radioactive ability and the Terracotta Panel will be very durability. On the other hand, this special material also let the related products own timeless color which should be the natural clay color that has the features of natural, bright, uniform, non-fading and durable. This special material also let the related products have stable hollow structure and light weight and the temperature insulation effect is also very good.

Secondly, the Terracotta Cladding from LOPO China is also very easy to be  cleaned by household. Due to the stability of the physical and chemical properties and some of the special chemical treatment to the surface, the related products have very good features of acid resistance and antistatic effect so it will not attract dust. Another very effectively function of this product should be the application of rain isobaric principle. The stick dirt will be broken down with rain erosion.

Thirdly, the reasonable structure should be another crucial factor why the Terracotta Panel from LOPO China could be popular among their clients. The obviously feature of their reasonable structure should be the designation and portfolio of the hanging system. In the case of partial damage, people could easily replace and maintain these Terracotta Panels. The hollow structure of this product let it have the excellent noise reduction effect and light weight. The high strength of this product can meet with the above requirements for different cutting workmanship.

The last featured factor should be the easy installation which could be largely shown by the Terracotta Wall Panel that has well design and reasonable structure which could maximum meet with the local design needs. Whether it is the flat surface, corner, or other parts of the wall, these products could maintain the features of coherent, natural and beautiful.

All of above factors help the related products from LOPO Terracotta Products Corporation get very widely consumer group all over the world.

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