Metallic Color Unglazed Terracotta Wall Tile

Metallic Color Unglazed Terracotta Wall Tile

Item No.:WRS7763
Material: terracotta clay
Size: 240x60x11mm
Usage: Exterior Wall 3C;ISO9001:2000

Metallic Color Unglazed Terracotta Wall Tile introduction:

Metallic Color Unglazed Terracotta Wall Tile Specification:

Item No.:WRS7763 | Metallic Color Unglazed Terracotta Wall Tile
Picture: Metallic Color Unglazed Terracotta Wall Tile-WRS7763
Material:Terracotta clay
Stone Size:240x60x11mm
Corner Stone Size:(174+50)x60x11mm or (60+60)x240x11mm
Surface treatment:Full body tile
Water absorption:water absorption rate:about 4%
Functions:acid-resistance; heat-insulation; non-slip; wear-risistance; firebrick
Usage:Exterior or interior wall decoration
Packing:Paper carton with pallet
20ft Capacity: 1028(1200ctn)/20GP, paper carton with pallet.
MOQ: 1*20ft container or small order can also be negotiated
Delivery time:Sample: 2-5 days
Order: 2-4 weeks

Terracotta Wall Tile Feature:
1) This series of products have natural surface, low water absorption, high bending strength, anti-freeze-thaw, durability etc.
2) Cultural Imitate Clay Split Brick have wonderful tone, natural transition of the changeable colors and special appearance texture makes it natural beautiful, return to the ancient, rustic, steady, what’s more, you could feel the modern and cultural environment.
3) Environment protects–this series of products through very high firing makes the products no impurities, non-radioactive, it’s green protect product.
4) Beautiful and economical’ Imitate clay split brick has original clay split brick’s effect and feature, the products through high temperature firing, so the products not fade, non-anti alkali, low water absorption, what’s more, with the time development, you will feel the products’s beautiful view to match the whole building.

Terracotta Wall Tile View:

terracotta wall tile view 2

terracotta wall tile view 1

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