The mainly classification of the commonly used Terracotta Interior Wall Panel

The mainly classification of the commonly used Terracotta Interior Wall Panel

The interior wall panel includes the horizontal wall panel, vertical wall panel and partition panel which are three kinds. The horizontal wall panel and vertical wall panel are the weigh bearing wallboard and the partition wall panel is the non bearing wall plate. However, the interior Terracotta wall panel should have the function of sound insulation and fire prevention. The interior should generally adopt single material such as ordinary concrete, silicate concrete or light aggregate concrete, which has two kinds such as solid and hollow. However, the Terracotta wall panel from LOPO China adopts high tech material which is light weight and contains all functions of the ordinary wall panel.

The second type is the outer wall panel. The type of this kind of outer wall panel has included Terracotta Louver the facade wall cladding, Gable wall panel and eaves wall panel. The facade cladding is one kinds of self-weigh bearing wallboard. The other types of wall board such as Gable wall panel and eaves wallboard should be regarded as the main weight bearing wallboard. However, the outer cladding should have the functions of sound insulation and fire prevention. On the other hand, it should also have the characteristics of low energy consumption, energy saving, heat insulation, impermeability, freezing-thawing resisting, anti carbonation effect and meeting with the beautiful requirements such as architecture decoration. This kind of wall panel could be made of single material and also composite materials.

In a word, the requirement for the outside wall panel should be much higher than the interior wall panel because the changeable of the outside environment would easily produce the damage of the wall panel. All of above information is the description from the LOPO China which is the high grade producer for Terracotta Facade Wall Cladding and Terracotta Louver. If people want to know more about their products, please click


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