Love at first sight -LOPO terracotta panel and I

Love at first sight – LOPO terracotta panel and I

Love at first sight -Lopo terracotta panel and I – Summer Newton

I believe everyone in the world knows about the Terracotta warriors.As a girl who spent most of childhood in Xi’an,My feelings and attraction to the word“Terracotta”is indescribable. All those feelings converge upon a simple affection,that is “home”.Maybe that’s the reason fate brought me here – LOPO TERRACOTTA PRODUCTS CORPORATION LIMITED.

Love at first sight -LOPO terracotta panel and I

From the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties in Xi’an,from the Qin brick and Han tile to the new type of building curtain wall material under the achievements of modern science and technology,the appearance of terracotta panel has provided a vast space and abundant choices for architectural creation.

Terracotta panel, first appeared in Europe, inspired by a European architect’s worship of the Terracotta culture of Chinese terracotta warriors and horses.

After I learned about LOPO terracotta corporation and gained a thorough knowledge of its products ,then I realized the reason why LOPO terracotta panel has been met with a warm reception in many countries (all over the world).

Advanced technologies lead to quality of Lopo terracotta panel.

LOPO focus source and technology ,starting from the raw material,efforts to control the details of each process ,ensure that every piece of terracotta panel with high quality .

Love at first sight -LOPO terracotta panel and I
Jiaotong Universiy choose to use LOPO terracotta architectural panels.
Love at first sight -LOPO terracotta panel and IXi’an Jiaotong University is one of the two oldest universities in China with a history over one hundred years.Xi’an Jiaotong University new campus constructed broadly in scale 160000m²,decorated splendidly ,those guild halls from a unique folk construction expression.

This new campus in western China is a national-level project jointly constructed by the Ministry of Education and Shaanxi Province.It is an important platform for the implementation of the “Belt and Road ”initiative and the strategy for the development of the western region.With a total area of 23 square kilometers ,and the construction land area is 10.5 square kilometers in the this campus ,which is positioned as a national mission and a global highland for science and education,will become a world-class science and technology center and a national science and technology research and development conversion platform.

Love at first sight -LOPO terracotta panel and I

General contractor: Shaanxi Haixia Decoration Co., Ltd.The architectural designers have selected LOPO terracotta architectural panels,300mm-600mm wide ,1200-1400 long and 22mm thick. It is about 140,000 square meters.These panels combine vertically and horizontal installed to extend the vertical lines of low-rise buildings.
Item No.:FX636
Love at first sight -LOPO terracotta panel and I
Terracotta panels is not only the protection of the outer wall of the building, but also an indispensable cultural landscape to beautify the city,The beauty of the new compus is intoxicating.It is called “the most beautiful positon of Xiamen University in China ” by tourists.

LOPO is committed not only to the development of our company but also the responsibility of our society and environment .We will put my best effort with all our staffs to harmonize our mutual home with green products. Welcome your inquiry!