LOPO Terracotta Project: Nanchang Senior-Citizen University

LOPO Terracotta Project

Project Name: Nanchang Senior-Citizen University University
Project Name: Terracotta Plate
Item No. : F4521634; F4521637
Dimension: 450*900*21mm
Total Quantity: 4600m2

Nanchang Senior-Citizen University was formally is located in the scenic Yangming Park.

The total area is 1950 square meters. And the area for the elderly to learn the teaching site is 1700 square meters. Equipped with voice, style, electronic organ, computer and other characteristics classrooms, all facilities are available in good condition, which can accommodate more than 500 students.
The purpose of the school is “growth of knowledge, cultivate sentiments, promote health and social services”.
LOPO Terracotta Project: Nanchang Senior-Citizen University University LOPO Terracotta Project: Nanchang Senior-Citizen University University
Terracotta panel is environmental friendly building material. It is made from natural clay, which has a natural flavor that artificial materials unmatched. It’s colorful and engaging, simple and elegant texture, no radiation, and no pollution to the environment during the production process.This is the reason of terracotta panel to be recognized by the environmentally-conscious European countries.

There are more advantages of this kind of ceramic panel. It performs well in extreme cold or hot weather. No flake off, no crack,and no color fade. Terracotta panels is fully applicable to any wet and dry climate.

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