LOPO Terra cotta Panel Perfectly Contaminates Tradition and Modernization

LOPO Terra cotta Panel Perfectly Contaminates Tradition and Modernization

Terracotta panels are made from 100% natural clay. Before the clay materials are extruded into shape, they are processed very carefully . After that, they are dried under very high temperature by using special equipment kilning imported from Italy. This process makes terracotta facade panels harder and more durable, so that they can maintain a very soft surface.

This is a new material in the architecture world to those who are not familiar with terracotta, but the truth is, terracotta has been exist for years. At the very beginning, terracotta was well-known as a natural element that was used in the Chinese culture. It is considered as a stylish and modern design that does not forget the traditions. Therefore, it is a merger of both traditional and modern architecture. Since it is still influenced by the Chinese culture, this trendy and contemporary design does not disregard the tradition. It is an evolution in culture to replacing previous models with new ones. While there are instances when the history is put in plain words through modern language, this is still done with traditional ideas in mind.
Therefore, architects worldwide want to prove that their modern-day creations can rely on conventional practices, in the hope to make people know more about a structure’s origin.

Fashion is overrated with regards to applying what people know in terms of building materials in most of the time. They value the origin of culture and tradition as an alternative. At present, the usual concept of pursuing modernism and technical content in China has transformed into pursuing artistic quality, the conservation of the environment and the reduction of noise. Certainly, terracotta panels prove to be beneficial in situations like these, since it meets the needs of users. A lot of people are using them for this reason, such as architects, designers, developers and companies that make curtains. Because of the rapid growth and improvement of terracotta panels, it have certainly left a good impression on everyone.
Europe first used terracotta panels in the ’80s . The Chinese market was also infiltrated by these types of panels after twenty years. Way back then, since they were a bit pricey, many foreign enterprises dominated the domestic market and they controlled their popularization.

Terracotta panels can decorate the exteriors of different kinds of buildings intended for offices, venues, theaters and dwellings, to name only a few. In addition, they can also decorate interiors, like exhibition halls and public buildings.

Terracotta panels have the ability to reduce the noise since they are sound insulated. Moreover, they are solid, waterproof, light, fire-proof fade-proof, and anti-freeze.

Anyway, terracotta panels are considered as the perfect combination of tradition and modernization. They are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and shapes. They also can be customized. For most companies that like to personalize their space, small, medium and large systems are available for a variety of applications. They also come in different finishes for use in a multitude of outdoor projects.

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