LOPO Terracotta Panel Apply in Education Buildings

LOPO Terracotta Panel Apply in Education Buildings

As the leader of terracotta panel manufacturer in China, LOPO is committed not only to the development of our company but also the responsibility of our society and environment. Now our products has been widely used in many application. Today, we would like to share some application projects of Education buildings.

Jinjiang No.1 Middle School

Time: 2012

Products: Plain terracotta panel

ITEM No. F3018003 F3018635 F4518003 F4518635

Size: 300/450x900x18mm

There is a little red ornaments in the middle of a plain white drawing canvas, just likes a simple, clear and beautiful scroll picture. The warm and beautiful colors of LOPO Terracotta panel are appeared absolutely, and this scroll is clear such as a new tanks to the excellent performance of antifouling and self-cleaning.

LOPO Terracotta Rainscreen Panel Project (1)

Yucai Middle School of Qingdao Economic Development Zone

Time: 2013

Products: Wood grain Panel/ Terracotta Panel

Item: FW6018217 F3018003

Size: 150/250/350/400x1000x18mm 300x900x18mm

As a flowing chapter, building can bring out the humanistic spirits to the perfection. In a campus awash with cultural sentiment and space for recreation and space, the hues of terracotta rainscreen panel accounts for more diversified space and demonstrate both aspiration and hope of students.

LOPO Terracotta Panel Apply in Education Buildings

Qingdao Xin’an Weiming School

Time: 2013

Products: plain terracotta panel

Item No.: F4521634 F45210031 F4521889

Size: 450x900x21mm

Environment is the third teacher for kids and campus environment imposes far-reaching impacts on both teachers and students. Weiming School is built following the international cannons and each building in he campus is an organic constitution of teaching. White terracotta panel used to the outside of the teaching building along with calm red terracotta panel injects a passionate and sanguine power and vibrancy featuring elegance, self-discipline and social commitment in the whole campus.

LOPO Terracotta Panel Apply in Education Buildings

Nanchang College for the Senior

Time: 2014

Item: F4521634 F4521637

Size: 450x900x21mm

For aeon, heavy brought about by brick red bespeaks the time mark. Without motley colors, exaggerated models or complicated materials, the succinct and potent hues deliver the imprints of time to all people.

LOPO Terracotta Panel Apply in Education Buildings

China children’s science and Technology Museum

Time: 2015

Product natural plain terracotta panel and louver

Item No.: F3020768 T40100768

Size: 300x900x20mm

The deft collocation of ceramic panel and glass leads to a tender, profound, illuminating and key-low outward appearance that mixes fashion with elegance, retains tradition and reflects fashionable designing in modern times so that buildings look lively and are empowered vitality and profound cultural and artistic sentiments.

LOPO Terracotta Panel Apply in Education Buildings

Hebei University Library

Time: 2015

Products: terracotta panel, special shape terracotta panel

Item No.: F3322637

Size: 330x900x22mm

The library as a whole is close to nature with rigorous layout and magnificent glamour. The brick red ceramic panel brings out the best in the black iron windows arranged in a well-proportional manner. The front-side archway and stand column going with LOPO arc-shaped ceramic panel and mixing with gorgeous and inspiring designing concepts brings out the magnificence and solemn in buildings.

In the future, LOPO China terracotta rainscreen panel will be apply in more education buildings, Let’s look forward and witness!

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