Terracotta Panels Age – LOPO terracotta panels be exported all over the world, it have be entered the European and American markets such as Italy, Spain, Germany, the United States, Brazil, etc., and have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and are well received by domestic and foreign customers.

Terracotta panels is not only the protection of the outer wall of the building, but also an indispensable cultural landscape to beautify the city.With sufficient aesthetic characteristics and a wide range of applications, it can not only be used in large buildings, landmark cultural buildings or commercial real estate buildings, residential areas and villa groups, but also be used for block transformation, interior decoration, large-scale stadium interior decoration.


In recent years, with the rise of terracotta panels, this high-tech content, diverse quality, rich-color, break the routine of the new material into the panel field, which is the application of tradition materials in modern architecture, and It combines traditional materials with modern architecture, it renews the architectural language, adds an artistic touch to the building, but also to the city appearance to bring a new look.

The terracotta curtain wall is made of natural clay as the main raw material, and is extruded by high pressure extrusion, low temperature drying and high temperature firing. Natural clay has an incomparable natural breath of man-made materials. The colors are bright and durable, the texture is simple and elegant, there is no radiation, and the production process basically does not pollute the environment. The reason why ceramic plates are recognized by European countries concerned with the ecological environment is this.

Terracotta panels has a lot of excellent properties, light and strong thermal insulation can be soundproof; never fade; accurate specifications, long-lasting performance; easy to install, good physical properties, hardness, never deformation; fire retardant, resistant building maintenance easier.

In addition, terracotta rainscreen panel is rich in color, mainly red, yellow, gray, coffee four colors, compared to the stone panel, the color difference can be controlled, can meet the architect and the owner’s choice of the color of the building’s exterior wall, can make a variety of panel and specifications are free to match, highlighting the superior design style.

The open installation form formed by the unique horizontal joint of the terracotta makes it have a good waterproof function, and generally does not need to be glued, so as not to pollute the terracotta and other components.

Seam joints can be installed in the vertical joints, which are resistant to rain and water, preventing the terracotta from moving sideways and damping. The entire installation process is quick and easy, saving installation costs and saving time. If it is damaged during the installation process, it can be replaced at will, it is easy to operate, and it can be recycled and reused.

Terracotta can be used as an external wall panel for administrative and commercial office buildings. It can also be made into louver-like requirements for ventilation and shading, and used outside the glass window.It can also be used indoors in larger spaces, such as office buildings, subway stations, train station waiting halls, airport terminals, theaters, theaters, etc. which can create a natural and unique building entity.

Terracotta panels age, a new era of great architecture.