LOPO Ranks NO.1 in Chinese Terracotta Panel Market in 2013

LOPO announced today it has reached a remarkable result in its terracotta panel business in China region for Year 2013.

LOPO announced today it has reached a remarkable result in its terracotta panel business in China region for Year 2013, with 250,000 square meters of terracotta panel and 150,000 square meters of terracotta louver in total. In the context of the annual sales volume of the whole Chinese terracotta panel market being 1,200,000 square meters last year, LOPO accounts for 20% Chinese market share and ranks No.1 in sales volume in China.

LOPO is a leading manufacturer of construction materials in China, with its product portfolio including terracotta panel, clay tile and artificial stone. Its terracotta panel production was officially launched in 2011. After just three to four years’ development, LOPO has been the leader for terracotta panel industry in China. Located in Zhangzhou, China and covering an area of 320 mu (approximately 213,120 square meters), LOPO’s plan boasts two 260-meter-long fully automatic kiln lines and Italy-originated extrusion equipments and is the largest production base for terracotta panel and terracotta louver in Asia.

“One reason why LOPO terracotta panel can reach such great achievements is that the company is very market-oriented and aggressive in mark exploration and investment, and has captured the unprecedented development opportunity of Chinese construction industry; the other reason is that our company has abundant technological accumulation and independent R&D ability in the production of  clay building materials.”, said Mr. Peng Xinghua, the founder of LOPO China. Mr. Peng graduated from the prominent Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in China and has more than 20 years’ experience in kiln tunnel design and terracotta products manufacturing. Now he is leading an excellent professional team capable of independent research. “Compared with many domestic peers, LOPO terracotta panel has an unique design in dimension, pattern and colors. This is also our competitive differentiation.” Said Mr. Peng.

Currently, LOPO terracotta panel has become a famous brand in China region. It has build strategic partnership with big real estate companies in China including Vanke, China Merchant Property Development Co.,Ltd, Longfor, Greenland Group and Country Garden. “LOPO is not content with being just a famous Chinese brand. We expect to go out to enter bigger markets, although we have a long way to go compared with famous internation brand such as ARGETON, CREATON and NBK. We need to exert long term efforts and perseverance to build our brand image.” Mr. Peng continued. Currently, LOPO terracotta panel is actively exploring foreign markets, and its products have been exported to Japan, Middle East, USA, Russia and South Korea, etc.


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