LOPO China Terracotta Facade Panel – Glazed Series

LOPO China Terracotta Facade Panel – Glazed Series

With the development of firing techniques and mixing methods, glazing process used to be utilized on brick or ceramic tile has been applied on terracotta facade panels. Celebrated companies in terracotta facade industry all develop their own glazing facade series, such as NBK TERRART ® glazes, moelding ALPHATON ® glazes.

Through sophisticated mixing methods, unlimited range of colors can be realized on terracotta facade which could only present the natural shade in the past. Glazing surface give more creative space for those designers who are ambitious in color design while at the same time fully capitalize on terracotta facade features of thermal insulation, soundproofing, energy savings.

Under different light conditions, a building using different glazed facades can create completely unique luminosities that can’t be replicated by any other product. One of a successful project is moeding’s project in 2013: Conservatoire Municipal Paul Dukas Paris. Different blue shades are presenting fabulous color impressions.

LOPO China, as an emerging terracotta facade brand, is developing its own glazes seris. LOPO is capable of providing highly-customized colors based on the diversity of the RAL color shade. With sophistricated firing and glazing techniques, LOPO glazed terracotta facade creates an outstanding performance as better as  noted brand in tolerating harsh chemicals and impact.

Welcome to LOPO China with most creative color designs. Let’s work together to make them realized!

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