LOPO China Installed the Second Terracotta Products Production Line

LOPO China announced today that it has completed engineering construction of its second kiln, which is expected to commence production in the second half of 2014.

The second roller kiln, independently designed and developed by LOPO, is 260m long, 2.3m wide and 200mm high. The completion of the line enable the company to produce terracotta panels and louvers with large dimensions and special forms, and improves the flexibility of the company’s overall production lines by maximizing its product dimension to be 2m long and 195mm thick. The kiln symbolizes LOPO China has upgraded its overall production technology and product quality to a higher level to better meet the personalized demands of its customers.

With the production line to commence production, LOPO China becomes the largest company in Chinese terracotta panel industry in terms of production capacity, with daily output of terracotta panel reaching 5000 square meters and terracotta louver 4000meters.

“LOPO made such an aggressive investment not only based on the promising prospect of terracotta panel and louver industry, but more on our confidence in our independent research ability .” said the Chairman Mr. Peng Xinghua, “We would not win the market by combating a price war, which was often done by other domestic manufacturers, but rather foster our differentiated competitiveness to enlarge our market share.”

About LOPO

LOPO is a manufacturer of construction materials in China, founded by Mr. Peng Xinghua and Ms. Yang Meiyu in 2002. As a family enterprise, LOPO has been focused on producing three product series: terracotta panel / terracotta louver, clay tile and artificial stone, and dedicated to providing high quality products to customers. LOPO officially launched its terracotta panel production line in 2011 to produce the most competitive product that hs ranked NO.1 in Chinese domestic sales.

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