How to better Install and Pave the High Quality Floor Heating System?

How To Better Install And Pave The High Quality Floor Heating System?

May 04, 2014-China-Today, the Floor Heating System should be the basic configuration of the high quality home decorate projects. However, because of its complicated structure, the installation of this sort of heating system should be challenge of each home decoration company. Now, the editor from famous China Terracotta Tile and Floor Heating System supplier LOPO Terracotta Products Corporation will introduce with people some basically points about some attentively points in the installation process of this heating system.

The construction and installation of the Terracotta Baguette should not be combined with other home decoration projects. Otherwise, the working period will be largely delayed and the quality of this project could not be totally guaranteed. This work needs the clean working environment and precision design and line construction.

The water and electrical system and network reforming and building should be completed before the construction of floor heating systems. That is to say the installer needs to ensure the completing of water and electrical line before the installation of floor heating system. The kitchen and the bathroom should pass the closed water test and the construction area for the floor heating system need to be cleaned without exposed rebar and anything which could impact on the installing of floor heating system.

After the confirmation of the clean and security installing environment, the next step should be the officially mounting for floor heating system. In this step, the worker need to care more about the initially design for the direction and structure of this floor heating system as the correct working process will lead the work of installation into complicated rework. Please pay more attention to this point.

After all correct installation process, the worker should refill concrete and other decorated materials and parts to recover the original smooth and beautiful of the floor at home. The water proof and the floor heating system protection should be the most crucial factor in this step If people want to let their floor heating system under the floor as long service life, they need to pay more attention to this point.

In addition to all factors above, there is also one point which is also very crucial. Each purchaser need to choose the high quality and professional supplier for the floor heating system. At here, we recommend with each reader the famous China Terracotta Panel and floor heating system supplier LOPO China.

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