Green Terracotta Panel Manufacturer-China LOPO

Green Terracotta Panel Manufacturer-China LOPO

As an excellent choice for exterior materials, LOPO Terracotta Panel is almost maintenance free. Its life is as long as architecture its own life, and it is recyclable. LOPO Terracotta Panel is free of volatile organic compounds or asbestos, and does not produce toxic fumes and ozone-depleting substances. Terracotta Panel manufactured by LOPO is non-flammable and do not contain any organic materials, which can help mold maintenance and effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria and insects. All in all, terracotta panel is a excellent “green” building materials.

The following information can help architects and designers to make out the assessment of whether LOPO Terracotta is green building materials or not:

  1. In 5-20% part of the natural clay material can continue to be used in manufacturing terracotta panel.
  2. Timber or other packaging materials are recyclable products.
  3. Damaged or substandard terracotta panel can be ground into the pavement or drainage material and re-use.
  4. The wastewater can be completely recycled and re-used in the manufacturing process of the tiles.
  5. Aluminum components and column are recyclable.

About LOPO Terracotta Products Corporation

LOPO China Corporation is the most professional China manufacturer for Terracotta Wall Facade Panels, Terracotta Baguette, Terracotta Louver, Terracotta Wall Tiles and Terracotta Bricks and floor heating system in Asia.

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