Fully Comparison of the Terracotta Panel Products and Traditional Ceramic Plates

May 04,2014-China-What are the difference between the Terracotta Panel and traditional ceramic plates? This problem is the commonly one of most of consumers of LOPO China which is the most professional manufacturer of Terracotta Wall Facade Panels in Asia. Today, the technician from this famous will introduce with people the related information about these differences.

Firstly, people need to know about that the curtain wall and traditional ceramic plates are all the mainstream wall decorated materials. Currently, the above two products are all loved by the majority of designers and owners which have broad application prospects. The technician of LOPO China said that these two products have similar production methods and ingredients but they have a very big difference in performance and other areas. Below information is the main description of these differences and same factors.

For the same areas, the main ingredients of the Cladding Panel and traditional ceramic plates are all clay and the workmanship of these two products is the same which should be squeezing in the environment of high temperature firing. If people want to know the difference of these two products, please see the following information.

The Terracotta Cladding Panel and Tile are made of the pure natural raw clay without other chemical and harmful ingredients. This should be the main reason why this product one such high water absorption ability. On the other hand, its greater strength and hardness should be completely got through the high-tech production equipments which have high technology content. The working process of the production for Terracotta Panel is very complexity with very high cost, which could maintain the high quality of this product. Although the Terracotta Panel and other related products have very high performance, it is very brittle. However, the special structure of this product could help to solve this problem.

The main raw material of the ceramic plate is also clay which should be the same with the Terracotta Panel and Tile. In order to increase the strength and hardness, the ingredients of the ceramic plates have been added a lot of quartz sand and other materials. That is why the level of water absorption of this product is very low www.terracotta-panel.com. However, the working process for these products is relatively simple and low cost but it is relatively more brittle than other related products.

After here, each reader should have fully understanding about what are the difference between the Terracotta Panel and traditional ceramic plates. As one sort of new decorated product, the Terracotta Panel will gradually become the main stream of the decorated product industry.

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