Frosted Clay Brick Tile

Frosted Clay Brick Tile

Frosted clay brick tile, also known as clay brick tile and clay brick tile, are a type of traditional ceramic wall tiles. Because of their unique texture and delicate texture, they have been widely favored for many years. The traditional clay brick tile are homogeneous bricks, facing bricks, and exterior wall bricks. Clay is used to enter the blank, and after cutting, it forms a brick pattern with shallow grooves on the surface.

Frosted Clay Brick Tile

The frosted clay brick tile is a new type of interior and exterior wall decorative surface material that is made of clay as the main base material, and after a good ratio, it is specially processed. Because its color, structure, and shape can be adjusted according to the requirements of users, through different surface structures, the size and color of the facing bricks can give full play to the rich imagination of architects and users, so that the decoration materials inside and outside the building can be changed. More colorful

Rich in color: natural and soft, the surface texture is variable and diverse, or delicate and delicate, or thick and rough.

Performance advantages: strong water repellency and air permeability, light weight, flexibility, acid and alkali resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, earthquake resistance, crack resistance, and good compatibility with external wall insulation systems.

Safety advantage: It overcomes the potential safety hazards of ceramic tiles that are easy to fall off and hurt people. It is especially suitable for exterior wall finishing materials for high-rise buildings and exterior wall insulation systems.

Energy saving and emission reduction advantages: There is no waste water, waste gas, dust discharge during the production process, and all waste materials can be recycled and reused.

Application: residential quarters, villas, garden buildings, office buildings, school teaching buildings, student apartments, etc.