Exterior Terracotta Baguette Wall Stick

Exterior Terracotta Baguette Wall Stick

Item No.:LTY6x6
Material: Natural Clay
Size: 60x60mm
Usage: Exterior and Interior Wall
CE, ISO9001:2008

Exterior Terracotta Baguette Wall Stick introduction:

Exterior Terracotta Baguette Wall Stick Specification:

Item No.:Exterior Terracotta Baguette Wall Stick
Picture: Exterior Terracotta Baguette Wall Stick-LTY6X6
Type:Terracotta Baguette Stick
Material:Natural Clay, 100% green material
Colors:White, red, yellow, brown, grey etc.
Packing:Wooden pallet.
Usage:Exterior and Interior wall
Applying place:Walls of Mall, Railway Station, Apartment, Hospital, University etc.
Certificate:CE, ISO9001:2008

Terracotta Panel Technical Date Sheet:

TERRACOTTA PANEL Technical Data Sheet 
NO.Contents(300X600X18MM) Terracotta PanelChina N. S. GB/T4100-2006EN14411 standard
1Water Absorption5.4%(II) 6-10%(II) 6-10%
2Net Weight31kg/m2no valueno value
3Breaking Strength3475N≥ 900N≥ 750N
4Frost Resistanceno crack under -60 centigradetested value of the reporttested value of the report
5Modulus of Ruptureavg. 13.1Mpa, min 11.8MpaAvg. ≥ 9Mpa, single value≥ 8MpaAvg. ≥ 9Mpa, single value≥ 8Mpa
6Earthquake resistanceover 8 degreeno valueNo
7test under simulated wind loadNo breakage under 10Kpano valueNo
8sound insulationNoise reduction by over 8dB7-10dBNo
9Wind pressure9kPatested value of the reporttested value of the report
10heat conductivity0.32 w/m. kno valueNo
11Fire resistanceleval A1no valueNo
12resistance to acid and alkaliLevel UAtested value of the reportNo
13radioactivityClass-A decorative materialno valueNo
14Right angle0.1%- -0.2%within ±1%No
15Size error300L: 0.1%- -0.4%600L:   0.2%- -0.5%with in ±2% ,                            max is within ±2mm,No
16Thickness errorwithin ±4.5%within ±10%No
17Diagonal line-0.5 ~ +0.2             Max 1.0mmwithin ±2%No

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