Wood Grain Terracotta Floor Heating System

Wood Grain Terracotta Floor Heating System

Item No.: DW302826A
Material: 100% Natural Clay
Size: 300*600*38mm
Suitable for Floor Heating System
CE, ISO9001:2008

Wood Grain Terracotta Floor Heating System introduction:

Introduction about Wood Grain Terracotta Floor Heating System:

Terracotta Panel is adopted raw material and firing production process, which is completely environmentally-friendly, even the waste material can be recycled. Terracotta panel has many feature and functions, for example, sound absorption, heat insulation, shockproof, windproof, self-cleaning, waterproof etc. With LOPO China’s special formula and advanced firing process, terracotta facade panel can meet various requirements from architects by natural texture and rich colors.

Terracotta panel has hard texture, neat and beautiful appearance, unique humanistic feelings and attraction from outside to inside. It is simple but grand, vigorous but restrained and couples hardness and softness, making architectures radiate human air and elegance and humbleness.

Terracotta panel demonstrates the beauty of architectural art with its unique glamour and manifest the height of architectural temperament with its generousness and smartness.Wood Grain Terracotta Floor Heating System

Wood Grain Terracotta Floor Heating System Specification:

 Item No.:DW302826A
 Material 100% natural clay
 Color: Wood grain
 Customized Design: Available
 Weight 31kgs/sqm for 18mm thickness, 44kgs/sqm for 30mm thickness
 Port: Xiamen Port
 Lead Time: 20days after receiving deposit
 Payment Term L/C, TT, Western Union
 Usage: Exterior and Interior Wall Decoration
 Application: University, Apartment, Hospital, Railway Station, Mall etc.
 Packing: Wooden Crate
 Certification: CE, ISO9001:2008

LOPO China Regular Terracotta Products Specification:

 Regular Product Color White/Yellow/Grey/Red/Brown
 Surface Flat/Grooved/Sanded/Glazed/Linear/Wood/Corrugated
 Dry Hanging Terracotta Panel Length 250mm-1500mm
 Width 150mm-600mm
 Thickness 18mm/30mm
 Small Size Terracotta Panel Width 100mm-200mm
 Thickness 10mm-15mm
 Light Weight Terracotta Panel Length 250mm-1500mm
 Width 150mm-600mm
 Thickness 10mm-15mm
 Customized is welcome! Just send us your design or sample.

Wood Grain Terracotta Floor Heating System Features and Benefits:

1. Natural clay materials, eco-friendly

2. Hollow structure, light weight

3. No-static and no-radiation

4. Never fade, strong and durable

5. Convenient fixing installation, safe and reliable

6. Wind and earthquake resistance

7. Heat preservation and sound insulation

8. Self-cleaning, easy maintenance

Wood Grain Terracotta Floor Heating System Technical Data Sheet:

TERRACOTTA PANEL Technical Data Sheet
NO.Contents(300X600X18MM) Terracotta PanelChina N. S. GB/T4100-2006EN14411 standard
1Water Absorption5.4%(II) 6-10%(II) 6-10%
2Net Weight31kg/m2no valueno value
3Breaking Strength3475N≥ 900N≥ 750N
4Frost Resistanceno crack under -60 centigradetested value of the reporttested value of the report
5Modulus of Ruptureavg. 13.1Mpa, min 11.8MpaAvg. ≥ 9Mpa, single value≥ 8MpaAvg. ≥ 9Mpa, single value≥ 8Mpa
6Earthquake Resistanceover 8 degreeno valueNo
7Test Under Simulated Wind LoadNo breakage under 10Kpano valueNo
8Sound InsulationNoise reduction by over 8dB7-10dBNo
9Wind Pressure9kPatested value of the reporttested value of the report
10Heat Conductivity0.32 w/m. kno valueNo
11Fire Resistancelevel A1no valueNo
12Resistance to Acid and AlkaliLevel UAtested value of the reportNo
13RadioactivityClass-A decorative materialno valueNo
14Right Angle0.1%- -0.2%within ±1%No
15Size Error300L: 0.1%- -0.4%600L:   0.2%- -0.5%with in ±2% ,                            max is within ±2mm,No
16Thickness Errorwithin ±4.5%within ±10%No
17Diagonal Line-0.5 ~ +0.2             Max 1.0mmwithin ±2%No

LOPO China Production Ability:

1. Domestic longest roller kiln (260-meter) with 428 firing units;

2. 80,000 square meters open stockyard with the daily reserve of natural c lay raw materials amounts to 300,00 tons;

3. The new workshops and production lines under construction;

4. The semi-production indoor repository with storage capacity of 150,000 tons;

5. The automatic production line with the processing capacity of shaping, cutting and polishing;

6. A batch storage system which can reserve 12,000 tons of prepared clay materials;

7. Imported molding machines of  vacuum extrusion from Italy.


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