Do the right thing at the right time – from Clay Brick to Terracotta Panel

LOPO Terracotta Corporation, from Clay Brick to Terracotta Panel, do the right thing at the right time

LOPO Terracotta Corporation itself is the epitome of the transformation of Fujian ceramics production area. LOPO Terracotta Corporation has been in the ceramics industry for many years and is well respected in Fujian production areas. LOPO Corporation started with the production of split clay bricks for exterior walls. In 2008, LOPO Terracotta Corporation took a different approach and transformed from the production of ceramic tiles into the new field of Terracotta Panel. At present, LOPO has four Terracotta Panel production lines.

Terracotta Panel originated in Europe in the 1980s. It was gradually applied in China in 2000. In 2007, LOPO began to introduce this technology and became one of the earliest companies producing Terracotta Panel. According to Alan Wu, general manager of foreign trade of LOPO Terracotta Corporation, in the field of building ceramics, Terracotta Panel is the only new material listed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a nationally encouraged project.

As a new material, the Terracotta Panel caught the industry’s attention for a while. In 2011, more than ten companies entered the Terracotta Panel industry, and the competition gradually became fierce. At the same time, the country gradually controlled the construction of buildings and halls, and the competition in the entire market became very competitive. Under the fierce waves, there are only six or seven Terracotta Panel manufacturers in the industry.

“The current scale of the industry is relatively reasonable, and the entire industry is in healthy competition.” In addition, as Terracotta Panel replaced stone and became a new material for building curtain walls, “Terracotta Panel is in a rising phase again in recent years.”

“With the development of stone under control, and the traditional curtain wall dry hanging products are relatively monotonous, and Terracotta Panel is constantly enriched, so many buildings are now switching to Terracotta Panel.” In addition to China, India and the Middle East are the most in demand for Terracotta Panel market. Because the Terracotta Panel has the function of sound insulation and heat insulation, the dry-hanging Terracotta Panel is applied in the Middle East, and the indoor and outdoor temperatures are doubled, which saves considerable electricity bills.

It is worth noting that Terracotta Panel has also been recognized by many high-end designers. “The future opportunities for Terracotta Panel are in the civilian market, such as high-end villas.” Alan Wu analyzed.