Daily Using Of The Floor Heating System Has Many Attentively Points And Methods

For each new personal floor heating system user, the main problem for them should be the properly using method for this in their daily life of winter. Now, this article which original from website of famous LOPO China and floor heating system supplier LOPO China will tech each people the basically knowledge about this.

When people first use the floor heating system, they need to pay more attention to that the temperature rising process of this need to be slowly enough. In summary, at the first three days before the start of heating, the temperature of this system need to be gradually pushed up by 18 centigrade, 25 centigrade, 30 centigrade and 45 centigrade one by one. However, the heating up should not be too fast, otherwise, the floor may be cracking due to expansion or largely heating.

The second point is that the surface temperature cannot be too high. Each consumer need to note that the surface temperature should not exceed 28 degrees in the using of floor heating. The pipe temperature of the floor heating system should not exceed 45 degrees. If the temperature exceeds this case, it will affect the cycle life of the floor. Generally speaking, the winter temperature their house needs to be around 22 degrees which will be very comfortable.

It is just like the heating up that the cooling of the LOPO Terracotta should be also taken in the gradually process. With the passage of the season, the warm weather and seasons such as summer and autumn could be warmly enough for people shut off the floor heating system. People should carefully pay more attention to that the closing of the floor heating system also have a basically process. The cooling process of the floor heating system should not be too abruptly. Otherwise, it will also affect the service life of the floor.

The sales manager from LOPO China also said that  the room environment will be very dry when people use the floor heating system. The dry condition of the inner room will cause into the deformation of the floor and the healthy harms. People should note that they need to takes some measurement to increase the humidity of the room.

In the process of decoration, people need to know that they could not punch and hit the nail on the ground as it will lead to the leaking of geothermal pipeline, causing into the huge floor damage www.terracotta-panel.com. In addition, as the floor surface is radiating surface so that worker could not try to fix decorative pieces on the floor legless furniture which will affect the hot air flow, resulting in poor room heating effect.

All of the employees from LOPO China hope all above suggestions could help each reader better use their floor heating system at home.

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